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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Dear internet,

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Leona, I'm 21, I live in Downtown Los Angeles and I'm a Senior at the University of Southern California.

I decided to start this blog because as I ended my term as chapter president of my sorority and begin my last semester in college, I have more free time than I ever had before.

I also finished a Business Communications class last semester where we wrote blog posts in preparation for our final thesis paper, and after I wrote a few blogs on female entrepreneurs my professor suggested I continue.

The main topics I'm going to cover are gender, pet pups, working out, introversion, and LA adventures.

I'll cover gender because as a sociology major with an emphasis on gender and a proud feminist, the experience women have in the workplace and society is really interesting to me.

My little doggy son, Lando, is my most favorite possession and I love reading about dog training and the affects of pup companionship for humans.

I've been lifting weights for four months now at CFLA and am interested in how the skills necessary to workout translate into the workplace.

Personality quizzes usually label me a social introvert, and with all the advice to network I've received as a member of the Trojan Family I would love to learn how to leverage introversion to my advantage at work.

Finally, I'm enjoying my last few months of Wednesday afternoon adventures before I become a Weekend Warrior and love photography, so I'll be sharing adventure photos usually featuring Lando.

Welcome, and thanks for reading!


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