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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Step Inside My Apartment

I've spent the past few months collecting small items for my apartment. I'll do tutorials for everything crafted soon but for now, here's the photos of my finished decorated dorm bedroom!

Vanity Decorations:

It took me a really long time to find things I liked to decorate my vanity. I stuck to a color palette of pink and blue after seeing Pantone's Colors of the Year. I liked the yin and yang of female and masculine energies and wanted to channel that throughout my room.

I got most of my counter top decorations from Home Goods. If you don't have a location near you, TJ Max also carries a lot of their stuff.

The journals and books I have collected over the years. I like to keep a pretty notebook with me to jot down observations or thoughts. The blue notebook is my Happiness Project Journal where I've been putting a sentence a day.

Everything that wasn't pink or blue I did in cream or gold. Most of the items clustered here were gifts from people who know my obsession with gold.

The Marc Jacobs "Oh, Lola!" perfume I got from my dad, the Gold Glitter Polka Dot Shot Glasses were a gift from a friend, the Love You to the Moon and Back dish in the background is from my boyfriend, and the gold candle is from his parents. The silver heart jewelry box in the right corner was a birthday gift from my best friends in elementary school. It's the only silver piece in my room because I really love it.

Dog Treat Cookie Jars:

These doggie cookie jars are from Home Goods. I use it to keep my pups Denta Stix and Beef Jerky. Every time I leave for work, I give him either a chew or a piece of jerky to keep him distracted. Now he doesn't even look up when I leave for work, he knows the drill. He had such bad separation anxiety before I started doing that so I swear by that trick. The jars are airtight so his jerky doesn't get stale. He won't eat stale treats, such a spoiled pup.

Gold Frames and Contents:

All of the gold frames I picked up from Goodwill or Fallas Stores. I spray painted them all the same color gold. It was a super easy craft I just followed a Pinterest tutorial. I just hung them up with command strips because I'm subleasing my apartment and didn't want to do any damage to the walls.

The painting of the house in the top left was from a seller on Etsy named EmPrintsStudio. It's a print of my sorority house and I'm in love with it.

This watercolor is also from a new Etsy seller named Tall Tale Farms that I highly recommend. The quote is something that's helped me get through some of the roughest times in my life and was shared with me by a dear friend.

Next post I'll share where I got my bedding and other organization items. 

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